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Bulb Shaped CFL


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Pristine Planet brings you a fine selection of bulb shaped compact fluorescent lamps. When it comes to light fixtures, bulb sockets have the advantage of consuming less space and being easier to install. However, the incandescent lamps used for these sockets are very wasteful when it comes to energy – that’s why they get hot and don’t produce as much light as fluorescent lamps.

However, advances in fluorescent lamp technology have allowed manufacturers to produce compact fluorescent lamp. Instead of the traditional long tube with electrical fixtures at the end, now there are bulb shaped lamps that produce stronger light while consuming less electricity. These more efficient eco bulbs also produce less heat, meaning better electrical energy conversion and lower risk of fire. All in all, a CFL consumes around 25% the energy required by an incandescent lamp with the same brightness.

In addition to being brighter, more energy efficient, and safer, CFLs last longer than incandescent bulbs – at least three times longer, in fact. You could call a bulb-shaped CFL an “eco bulb” because of all the advantages it has over the incandescent lamp, and its massive availability.

CFLs take a little longer after start-up to reach full brightness – about 5 seconds or so. However, you will save massive amounts of electricity and not need to replace the eco bulb for much longer than an incandescent bulb. A CFL contains some mercury, but this is only released if the bulb is broken.

You can also get this eco bulb in dimmable variants for those applications where it is necessary. There are also a variety of bases available so you can replace any old incandescent bulb with a newer, more Earth-friendly CFL.

When it comes to lighting up homes and workplaces, the future looks bright for compact fluorescent lamps – at least until the next revolution in illumination!