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Natural Pacifiers | BPA Free Pacifiers

Babies are fully dependent on their parents love, care and attention. They rely on you to make the right and choices for them. Why not a natural pacifier or bpa free pacifier to help keep your baby safe and healthy.

There have been reports pacifiers that contain BPA or Bisphenol-A, which is commonly found in plastic materials. BPA can potentially cause health risks. So if you want only the best for your child, consider bpa free pacifiers. Take a look are our assortment of BPA free pacifiers and feast of the great choices we have lined up for doting parents like you.

If you are looking for something stylish and trendy for your infant, the Z. Daisy Eco-Friendly Binkie Bungee is your best option. This natural pacifier is made from certified fabric called Okeo-tex, which means there were no harmful dyes and chemicals used during its creation. The product is also packaged and distributed using recycled cereal boxes.

If you are looking for a pacifier for your one year old baby, another great option is the BPA-Free CoolFlow Pacifier BornFree Eco Friendly Baby First Year. This one is also stylishly designed. The CoolFlow pacifier features large air holes around its nipple frame, which is designed to help effectively reduce the moisture accumulation around the baby's mouth as well as effectively increase airflow. This pacifier is especially great for babies with sensitive skin.

If you want the more classic appeal, check out the Organic Blue Paci Sitter. It features a durable clasp that allows you to securely fasten the pacifier to the baby's clothing so you don't have to constantly lose it and also keep it within baby's reach.

These bpa free pacifiers keep chemicals out of your babies mouth. Using natural rubber pacifiers, silicone pacifiers and bpa free pacifiers allow you to feel better about putting a pacifier in your little one's mouth.