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Body Scrubs

Clear smooth skin never fails to catch the attention and appreciation of other people. Make sure to look and feel your very best by maintaining healthy, glowing skin through regular scrubbing to get rid of dead skin cells. This full line of premium quality sugar body scrubs and sea salt body scrubs to help you achieve and maintain that radiant skin that covers every inch of your body.

Whether it's for personal use or a gift item for a loved one, check out the Green Volcano Body Scrub from our line of organic body scrubs. You don't have to live with dull, rough skin. With the great blend of pumice, oatmeal, sea salt and peppermint, exfoliate your feet and the rest of your body with more ease. You can definitely see and feel the difference the minute you step out of the shower.

Another great alternative is the Sunshine Spa Tangerine Herbal Salt Scrub that is formulated with precious salts, which have been known to have extremely high mineral content as well as wondrous restorative and healing power for the body. These sea salts were painstakingly gathered by hand using pails and wooden spoons, and no type of machinery were used to extract the salt from the Earth.

If you love the smell of lavender then you definitely want to revel in the aromatic goodness of the Lavender Fields Organic Body Scrub. It comes with the USDA certification on 100% use of organic ingredients, this product is packed with super rich and highly nourishing organic shea butter coupled with the detoxifying and healing properties of Dead Sea salt. The manufacturer suggests that regular use of this organic body scrub improves circulation as well as boost re-growth of cells.

Body Scrubs help to keep your skin feeling its very best. From loofahs, Ayate Cellulite Scrubs, and organic body scrub creams, you'll find the perfect way to remove the dead skin and therefore make your skin softer and healthier.

Comments for Natural And Organic Body Scrubs

The Lava Love was sent as a sample and I have ordered a full size, and my neighbor has also. We both have daughters that were getting ready for their proms and the sugar scrub really got the skin on the elbows and shoulders and backs ,smooth and glowing.I use it on my knees and feet too. The smell is great,(a candy like tropical aroma) and once again I love the fact that everything is raw, hand crafted, and cruelty free and very affordable. I love this product. I recommend this also

My husband is a fan of this product also, we appreciate the fact that it is not soaked in oils. This salt was sent to me as a sample and that was all she wrote. I use this as a foot scrub, and my husband uses it as a bath soak. The mint and combination of other oils are to die for. It scents lingers into the hallways. I love the feel of this product afterwards. I highly recommend this

I use the scrub at least once a month on my feet. Try it on your hands, you won't believe how soft it makes them.

I gave this amazing scrub to my daughter because, although she has the most beautiful skin in the world, she gets those little bumps at the back of the upper arm which she hates, so she "polishes" herself with the Lulur Mask and Scrub and the bumps have disappeared. Basically the same has happened to me, so now we need to order crates of this too! Thouroughly recomended for rough or dry skin of any kind, it just magically polishes it away, leaving the skin gently,silky smoothe....follow that with the Relaxing Body Oil and you are floating...

What is this Lulur thing, you might wonder? Well, like Rassoul, Argan oil, Savon de Marseille, real Khol, Tahiti Monoi, it is simply an indispensable part of traditional body care in danger of disappearing since today we are more likely to use (and be abused by) mass produced soaps, lotions, creams etc.... This is the real Thing! To use, you should mix the Lulur with some water in a bowl. Then step in the tub and massage the Lulur all over your body. Let it dry for a bit and gently rub it out. Rinse your body and ahhhhh, feel how soft your skin feels! And how exotic your skin smells (with all these herbs and spices)!