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Natural & Biodegradable Sponges


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With a certain cartoon character making sponges a perennial favorite among kids, it's your turn now to be amazed at how useful these soft and squishy cleaning materials can be.

In case you think that all the biodegradable sponges here are for bath use only, think again. Take a look at the incredibly innovative bamboo pot brush for instance. Scrubbing your pots has never been as easy when you have this brush in your hands. Its bamboo handle offers excellent grip while its sponge expands to double its size when wet.

There's also the hemp ravioli scrubby sponge, which is made from you guessed it leftover ravioli and hemp. Who would have thought that the very things you want to clean your dishes and pots from could have been used to keep them pristine as well? This beautiful dark-colored scrubbing sponge is a must have for any organic kitchen.

Also worth a look is the microfiber sponge mop cover. Make your budget stretch with a few more extra dollars by bidding a permanent goodbye to disposable mop covers that are anything but eco-friendly. With this recycled sponge cover, your mop has just been given a new lease on life and your floors have never sparkled so. It's almost like stepping into a whole new house.

If you want a sponge with an extra handle for an easier grip, then you should also check out the laid back dish sponge. This has a long bamboo handle as well as a replaceable brush head made of cellulose sponge.

There is probably no nook or cranny that you cannot reach with this sponge. And if the sponge's showing signs of wear and tear, you can just purchase a replacement for its head and it's good to go once more. Finally, if you want an extra pack of sponges in your cupboards, you can always get the multicolored set of flip loofah sponges. They're compact and handy to use for all situations.

Getting natural and biodegradable sponges helps the earth by reducing waste while giving you new options for cleaning your home. These eco friendly sponges are great for cleaning in the kitchen or the bathroom.