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Eco Friendly Golf Products


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Eco Friendly Golf Products

Just when you thought golfing can't get any greener, more and more earth friendly products for the games on the green are popping up. Now you can find golf eco friendly tees, biodegradable golf balls and even bags that are biodegradable and made from recycled materials. This wide selection of eco golf products is sure to keep you looking smart on course and off.

Find only the best biodegradable golf items right here, such as Dixon Eco Golf Balls. Did you ever think that high performance balls can also perform for nature? Dixon Co. has created the first ever high performing, eco friendly golf balls in the world. Golf and environment enthusiasts have never been as amazed at this wonderful innovation as each ball is entirely pollutant free. Unlike many other golf balls, Dixon balls do not contain harmful pollutants such as lead, tungsten or cobalt in their products. They are so green that not only is each ball made from recycled materials but so is the packaging that they come in.

Looking for the best ball for your game ever? The Earth Dixon Golf Ball has been shown in tests to have outperformed the likes of signature brands such as Nike One Platinum, Titleist Pro V1 and Callaway Tour ix. The tests were conducted by the PGA Tour Partners Club which also gave the ball an approval rating of 92%. The ball is currently endorsed by celebrity, producer and philanthropist Don Cheadle. Its thin eco cover lends an excellent feel like no other while its dimple pattern provides the best control and distance for the user.

It's built with a high velocity and improved green core which allows an even greater distance per swing. Not only does it provide you with an extra distance, it also gives off that great feel all golfers love.

Green golf products are becoming more popular. You can find eco friendly golf balls, biodegradable tees and even eco friendly golf bags made from recycled fabric right here on Pristine Planet. Be green while driving that golf ball to the putting green.