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Natural Beauty Supplies


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Natural Beauty Supplies

Looking for products to cleanse, tone or moisturize? How about fighting off those wrinkles as well as firming and sculpting aging skin? Or perhaps some great items formulated to smoothen, correct and repair? We have a full array of natural beauty products to keep you looking young and fresh, without the risk of skin irritation or health complication.

One popular and very effective beauty regimen handed down for generations is the application of cosmetic clay, designed to cleanse and invigorate tired, stressed skin. We have a line of cosmetic clay products, all carefully screened and analyzed to ensure consistency as well as provide unmatched mineral content. Whether you choose to purchase a single pound or bulk clays in 5, 50 or 55-pound bags, you can be sure your skin will definitely benefit from its healthy goodness.

Save yourself from the dilemma of having oily skin and breakouts. Of all the products that can help with your skin problems, bulk clays like bentonite clay are one of the most popular. Bentonite clay is considered to be effective for nourishing the skin as it is made from volcanic soil that has high levels of minerals the kind that both your skin and flora and fauna would find delightful.

How about pampering your body with the rich and luscious texture of cosmetic butters? Derived from 100% natural sources, all bulk butters have been manufactured without the use of synthetics, foreign ingredients, preservatives or perfumes. With its exceptional texture, absorption and consistency, you can easily give your skin the care and protection it deserves.

Another great ingredient of natural-based cosmetic products is seaweed. We offer a wonderful collection of cosmetic seaweeds that have been harvested in the depths of Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. These wonderful sea vegetables have been known to offer great therapeutic benefits, make sure to add these in your beauty arsenal.

Make your own natural beauty products. Browse a selection of facial mask clay, cosmetic butter, bentonite clay, cosmetic clay, & natural carrier oils. Choosing eco friendly and natural beauty supplies lets you feel good about what you're putting on your skin. You'll know the beauty products you're using aren't contributing to any health problems.