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Eco Friendly Bath Soaks


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Bath Soaks

Browse through this great selection of organic bath soaks, bath Epsom salts, bath fizzies and more. Each of these specially made products have no artificial or chemical compounds that many other commercial bath products may have. This ensures a natural and healthy glow from any one of these eco friendly bath soaks designed for your skin and well-being.

One to try out is the creamy organic cleansing bath oil from Valley Green Naturals. It is made with rich aromatherapy ingredients and will keep your skin deeply moisturized. Jojoba, olive and coconut are just some of the sweetest natural oils that you will find in this product. It is also blended in with luxurious rice bran and sweet almond so your skin is sure to be bathed in the only the richest skin conditioning treatments nature has to offer.

Simply give the charming vintage 8 oz. bottle a little shake to set the oils before you pour it into your bath water. Dip yourself into your tub and drink in the pleasures of this creamy and pleasurable bath oil product. It makes a perfect gift idea for someone really special in your life.

Another great bath product to try is the Lavender Bath Truffle from JenZen organics. This bath truffle adds a lot of fizz and fun to your bath time with its calming aromatherapy scents. It is made with only the freshest organic oils such as lavender. Pop one in your tub right before bed time to relax your senses and soothe your soul. It is also enriched with cocoa butter to smoothen out and soften your skin. The cocoa butter is made from certified organic chocolate ingredients. The truffle is also packaged in a special cellophane material that is 100% biodegradable and secured with a cotton and soy ribbon. The product is petroleum free.

Browse a large selection of bath fizzies, bath epsom salts, and sea salt bath soaks. These eco friendly bath soaks leave out some of the chemicals other conventional bath products have in there. So fizz up your next bath with one of the natural or organic bath soaks you'll find on Pristine Planet.