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Bath Accessories

For the most refreshing and cleanest bath of your life, try out eco friendly bath accessories. They are made from all natural materials designed to scrub out the germs from your body in the gentlest way possible. Each of these recycled bath accessories are constructed with only the best possible materials to give you the freshest scrub and bath you've ever had.

Have you tried the Natural Fiber Bath and Body Pads? Each one is made of natural fibers which include cambric, ramie or sisal. There are different sizes and shapes to make your bath time its best time. You can now get all the dirt out using Mother Nature approved materials. You can try going into the shower and using these excellent products with special natural soap for an all natural cleaning experience.

For the most intense and complete clean all over, try the bath and shower loofah sponge with all natural fibers. You can even hang the loofah sponge on a hook to hang it dry after every use. you can choose from different sizes available so that your body is effectively and completely scrubbed clean. Get shiny and healthy skin after with all the dry skin sloughed off. Reveal your healthiest skin ever using all natural loofah products from our selection.

Have an itch you can't scratch? Worry no more. Get the Wooden Back Scratcher from Natural Bath and Body. Made with 100% eco friendly wood, you will never have a hard time reaching for that itchy spot between your shoulder blades. Simply use this Wooden Back Scratcher and find relief from those hard to reach areas on your back and shoulders.

Speaking of hard to reach places, why not toss in a Long Handled Natural Fiber Body Brushes as well? These brushes are ideal for massaging or scrubbing areas on your back and other body parts. You can choose from different brushes and massage bristles. Find the perfect brush/ massager for you. The collection even includes massagers with specially made cellulite removing tips.

You can find almost any eco friendly bath accessories you might need on Pristine Planet. You'll find eco friendly bath brushes, natural bath mitts and sponges and even organic cotton balls.