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Baskets used to be the only way to carry all kinds of items but even though many other products compete with them, nothing can truly beat the charm of the most beautifully designed baskets.

For something completely fashionable and yet oh so eco-friendly as well, you would probably love the black-and-white floral designed market basket. This is one of the best recycled baskets you will see in the market and in fact, it has even won the Designer Plus award. This model is also quite the rage in Europe and so shall it be in other parts of the world when more and more people get to know about it.

Another spectacular choice would be the coil basket with thin swirl design. The lovely swirls consist of shades of black and burnt orange. It does not have the typical handle that goes with most baskets, but that is probably what makes it even more fashionable. It has been woven by local women of Uganda and is one of the best fair trade baskets you will ever get to see. The coils, by the way, are hand-dyed and made from raffia.

Baskets for kids? Wait until you see the nesting baskets that have been produced by some of the very best artisans from the Philippines. To create these wonderful and highly functional works of art, the artisans used galvanized metal for weaving as well as scrap foam rubbers these are typically leftover materials from commercial production that were used to make beach sandals.

For another type of nesting basket, you should check out the oval bamboo nesting basket. These bamboo baskets are available in bright and bold shades.

Also worth looking into would be the extremely elegant sphere basket, which is one of the few designs that are perfect to use even in the workplace.

Browse a large selection of bamboo baskets, handmade baskets, fair trade baskets, and recycled baskets. You'll want to put one of these baskets in every room. They're gorgeous and you can feel good about their impact on the earth. You can even find some pretty rocking fair trade baskets as well.

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Just received my bamboo baskets from Greenfeet and I love them. They are so beautiful and look great empty and stacked like in the picture. It's almost like a little sculpture. There also amazingly affordable, and really well made.