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Natural Dog Biscuits


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Your furry friend also deserves the best when it comes to food and treats. Pristine Planet offers a selection of organic dog biscuits to delight the doggy palate. We know that you love your dog and we want to make sure that they get the best we have to give.

Barkwheats products are made from natural food harvested only from organic farms. Each Barkwheat biscuit is made with Fair Trade ingredients like ginger. The Ginger and Parsley Dog Biscuits freshen your pet’s breath in a natural way and help to settle an upset doggy stomach. Barkwheats come in different flavors like Pumpkin and Sage, Blueberry and Lavender that you will not be able to resist. So good you might munch on it yourself.

We also offer gluten-free dog biscuits for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Ocean Dreams helps keep your dog healthy and keeps their digestive systems healthy. Our yummy gluten-free dog biscuit treats also come in Pumpkin and Sage and Peace Berry flavors. So good, your dog will go crazy for them. They are perfect for dogs that have wheat allergies.

Bocce’s Bakery’s PBnJ Dog Biscuits are so good your dog will never suspect that they are sugar-free. If your dog loves beef treats, we highly recommend the Beef Bourguignon flavor—made with real beef and organic vegetables.

Natural dog biscuits are the ideal alternative to commercially processed treats made with everything from spare animal parts to chemical additives. Your dog will not know the difference with Dale and Georgia Biscuit Co.’s delicious Sleepytime Down South snacks. Try the Sweet Kale and Flax treats or their Oh My Goodness flavor. Dale and Georgia use only all natural and raw ingredients for delicious and healthy natural dog biscuit treat.

All our natural dog biscuits are made in human-grade factories with human-grade ingredients. In fact, you might catch yourself sneaking or sharing a treat or true with your four legged best friend.