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Eco Friendly Baby Shoes


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Baby Shoes

Protect the tender soles of your kids inside and out with organic baby shoes and baby woolies.

Eco friendly baby shoes are as wonderful and as comfortable as standard baby shoes. Take for example those delightful pairs of roo moccasin shoes that you may have seen adorning little feet. Available in navy and lender, these shoes are made more comfortable by the well-ventilated sheepskin construction for their inner soles. These soles are also made tougher by a sturdy suede layer to keep feet safe when your baby accidentally steps on something sharp.

When you have an outdoor trip schedule, you can better prepare your kids for the rugged environment that awaits them with kids shoes that have a 25% recycled rubber construction for its EcoTread outsole. With such protection, there is no way that your child will be unable to handle any kind of challenging terrain. Getting wet won't be a problem either as they also come with a quick-dry polyester webbing.

For fashionable casual footwear for the kids, washable eco-certified suede shoes are a must. They come in shades of cameo pink and indigo blue as well as PET elastic gore laces for a quick and easy wear. Made in China, these shoes also boast of having lining made from certified organic cotton.

Now, infants may be too young to appreciate what good fashion is but they will do so when they grow old and get to see their baby pictures. Make your little baby fashionably proud from the start by giving them designer washable eco-suede booties. These are made of certified organic cotton and even come with elastic ankle cuffs made from recycled PET as well as natural latex.

And for something that will make your baby the envy of all, gift him or her with storytelling shoes. These shoes have wraparound straps that can actually be turned to reveal a four-page story book. For the Caterpillar design, babies get to learn and be entertained as well with how caterpillars turn into butterflies.

Find a large selection of organic baby shoes and vegan baby shoes made with non toxic materials and fair trade labor. These eco friendly baby shoes and woolies are so adorable, you're going to love seeing them on your babies little feet.