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Baby Dishes


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Keep your babies and toddlers free from toxic exposure with Pristine Planetís selection of environmentally-friendly and completely safe baby dishes. Choose from an array of silicon, silicone, steel and glass containers for your babyís feeding and snack times. You will never have to worry about BPA, lead or phlathales when you use these baby dishes.

Keep feeding time safe with baby plates and bowls. We have a beautiful assortment of plates, bowls, sippy cups and stackers for all mealtime needs. We even have great snack containers for storage and traveling. You are certain to find something you like here. Ecosystem Stackers are great for storing formula, snacks and treats. These can make feeding time a little more convenient and extremely safe. We even have lunchboxes for active kids!

The EIO Kidís Cup is spout free and an easy way to help your kid go from bottle to cup. Each one is made from durable BPA free plastics that can be reused and do not break down. Order one and it will last for years, and you can use it for your next little one or give it to a friend or family member.

If your little one is already feeding himself or starting on solid food, try the Cornstarch Divided Baby Plate, made from a green plastic derived from all natural cornstarch. Although not microwavable, it is safe, durable and great-looking. Smiling Planetís baby dishes are made from recycled plastics and you will love the fanciful and beautiful designs.

A baby feeding bowl can make feeding time a little less messyólike the Dandelion Cornstarch Infant Bowl and Spoon, made with extra long handles to make feeding baby easier.

We guarantee that your babyís food will never be tainted with toxins, so you can rest easy while enjoying mealtimes with your little love.