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Baby Nursing Covers


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Baby nursing covers are a must have for any new mommy. Pristine Planet offers you an assortment of organic nursing covers to make breastfeeding as discrete and convenient as possible. These can also double a second blanket in case it suddenly gets cold.

A baby nursing cover makes a great gift for a mom-to-be. They will certainly appreciate the charming and innovative designs. Add this to your baby shower registry as a must-have gift or purchase it for yourself.

The Organic Floral Nursing Shawl by NursEase(R) is designed to cover mommyís sides, front and back while she breastfeeding. No chance of a little cloth slipping and exposing private areas while you breastfeed at restaurants or while at the park.

You can choose between small, medium and large sizes for a perfect fit and maximum comfort. Each baby nursing cover comes with a pocket to hold necessary items and can be slipped over the headóno ties for those times when mom needs to rush.

An organic nursing cover like Organic Bebe Au Laitís colorful wraps is made from 100% organic linen or cotton. They come in bright colors like raspberry and buttercup. The neckline is specially designed so you can maintain eye contact with your baby. It also allows air to circulate, to keep your baby as comfortable as possible.

We also have the Grace Organic nursing cover, which is wider than most conventional covers and shaped to resemble a shawl. Soft organic sateen fabric is extremely breathable so you can breastfeed with ease while the baby stays dry and cool.

Our baby nursing covers are portable, easy to fold and store in your go-to bag. Keep them by the crib or slip them into your purse or backpack. You will love the convenienceóno hiding, retreating to bathrooms or worrying about blankets slipping off while you feed your baby. An baby nursing cover gives you and your baby a chance to share an intimate, private moment no matter where you are.