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Organic Baby Footies (Footed Pajamas)


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Wrap your baby up in organic style with Pristine Planetís baby footies. If you have recently welcomed a new member of your family or know someone who has, then you know one can never have enough onesies. They are the first in the line of baby defense. Babies spill things on them, spit on them and of course, accidents can sometimes happen.

An organic footie like the Organic Footy Pajamas are the best choice because they are made with no pesticides or toxins that can seep into your babyís skin and cause harm. You can be sure that it is made from 100% organic cotton and dyed with low-impact ink to eliminate contamination. Under the Nile Premie Footies are made only with 100% organic Egyptian cotton and specially made for tiny newborns.

Organically Grown takes the baby footie to a new level. With their whimsical designs, sturdy construction and 100% organic motto, you can be sure that you and your baby will love their organic footies. We adore the Winter Friends and Polar Bear Stripe designs. They make wonderful shower or nursery gifts for a new member of Planet Earth.

Choosing organic baby footies also lower the carbon impact you have on the planet. The eco-conscious mom or dad who chooses low-impact diapers and nursery materials, and an organic footie can complete the set. It is the only way to go. Not only is it best for your baby, it also means you make a difference, even a small one.

You will love the comfortable softness and premium quality of our baby footies. The only dilemma you will have is deciding what fabric and design you like the most. We have baby footies for warm, cool and cold weather. Just be sure to check if they are skid friendly! Your baby will enjoy these onesies for a long, long time.