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Baby Utensils


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Baby Utensils

Babies have unique needs when it comes to feeding time, and there are a few products on the market that can help new parents to make feeding fun and easy.

Bamboo is a safe and healthy option that allows you to cut down on the use of potentially harmful plastic in your home. The natural bamboo sporks are designed specifically for smaller mouths and hands, and the easy handling may help improve dexterity.

They are environmentally conscious, attractive and highly functional. But sporks are not the only products on offer. The Kid's Utensil Set is also made of a combination of bamboo, waxes, and other natural products have been chosen because they are safe for all ages. The three utensils will help train and improve your baby's dexterity, and the attractive interactive design is also visually pleasing.

Bamboo has also been used for the baby feeding spoons that are specifically designed to make the feeding of a smaller child as easy as possible. These simple spoons are made from vegan-friendly material and durable bamboo, which means that they are completely safe and are built to last. The attractive finish and over sense of simplicity add to the high quality look and feel of the products.

The innovative Spork design is an instant hit with children, and has been made safe by removing potentially harmful edges. The product comes in pink, green and blue, and is sure to please anyone with smaller hands or a young mouth. Attractive and fun, they are made of safer materials that eliminate your natural worries about safety.

The whole issue concerning plastic in the home is the potentially harmful BPA. Luckily, BPA Free Feeding Spoons do not contain BPA. They are elegant and durable, and because they are made from a corn-based material, they have no negative impact on the environment.

Shop for baby spoons, baby forks and baby feeding utensils at Pristine Planet. Keep your little one safe with BPA free baby utensils made from bamboo and corn starch.