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Eco Friendly Appliances


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Eco Friendly Appliances

Energy efficient appliances not only trim unwanted costs off your monthly electric bill, they also help and contribute in keeping the environment clean and safe.

Solar energy is a great source for electricity and these mini solar panels and folding panels will be able to decrease your daily electric consumption. Alternatives such as the Solio Mono Hybrid Charger can charge up to 3,200 kinds of electronics and gadgets and the device itself can be charged in the sun, USB port or optional wall charger.

Ever felt wasteful when using the washing machine and dryer for a small load of clothes? The Laundry Alternative Washer allows you to wash up to 5 lbs per load in just a few minutes while saving energy, water and time. This award-winning appliance is not only convenient but is also affordable and practical.

Our environmentally friendly appliances can help significantly decrease your electric bill by making your home utilities run smarter and more efficiently. The Energy Saving Programmable 5-2 Set Back Thermostat keeps your air-conditioning running on a strict schedule and prevents unauthorized thermostat adjustments using the Lock feature. You can save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs while prolonging the life of your air-conditioner and heater. Reducing your electric consumption can also be a way to help the environment.

In need of a stove-top fan for your wood burning stove in your vacation cabin? Our Ecofan products are a great addition to other eco friendly appliances in your home. These fans are cordless and self-powering, using the heat of your stove to operate. These fans will also increase stove efficiently, decreasing your need to burn wood to sustain heat. It's also a great way to circulate warm air into your living or dining room on cold days or nights. Reducing your electric consumption can also be a way to help the environment.

Choosing eco friendly appliances can save you money while you're saving the earth. You can also improve your home environment. Check out these eco friendly air filters and air purifiers. Other eco friendly small appliances are available.