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All Products - E - The Environmental Magazine      Merchant Report Card - E - The Environmental Magazine     Write a Review - E - The Environmental Magazine     Did You Know Statements - E - The Environmental Magazine     

Now in its 16th year, E - The Environmental Magazine is a bimonthly “clearinghouse” of information, news and resources for people concerned about the environment who want to know “What can I do?” to make a difference. A 10-time Independent Press Awards winner and nominee, E is chock full of everything environmental -- from recycling to rainforests, and from the global village to our own backyards. Published bimonthly by a staff of six full-time and two part-time employees.

Location: Norwalk, CT

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All Products - Earth Doggy      Merchant Report Card - Earth Doggy     Write a Review - Earth Doggy     Twitter - Earth Doggy     

At Earth Doggy we understand that you love your dog, you worry about his safety, and you care about our planet. That's why we specialize in upscale ECO FRIENDLY products for dogs. We feature luxury dog beds, throws, and blankets, collars and leashes, food and treats made from sustainable, recycled, organic, and/or all natural materials. We also carry cruelty- and chemical-free dog spa & aromatherapy products; dog apparel; raised feeders; gifts for dogs and dog lovers; and much more. Please visit us soon!

Location: Pikesville, MD

Green Shop Green Store
All Products - Eco Chic Organic Gift Baskets      Merchant Report Card - Eco Chic Organic Gift Baskets     Write a Review - Eco Chic Organic Gift Baskets     Blog - Eco Chic Organic Gift Baskets     Twitter - Eco Chic Organic Gift Baskets     Facebook - Eco Chic Organic Gift Baskets     

We’re excited to share with you our unique organic gift baskets, containing only the best natural and organic skin care products, baby items, natural and organic gourmet foods and fair trade artisan merchandise – a beautiful selection of green gifts for any occasion! Exquisitely crafted, our natural and organic gift baskets feature fashionable and functional products from companies that are committed to preserving our earth and its inhabitants.

phone: 4045832979Location: Atlanta, GAcontact usabout us

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