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Eco Friendly Girl's Shoes


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Eco Friendly Girl's Shoes

Slippers, sandals, flats, school shoes, rubber shoes, sneakers, and boots you name it! If you enjoy matching your child's clothes with her footwear, then this range of collection will especially get you going.

Your girl would probably enjoy the comfort and flexibility that Simple Satire Heathered Kids Ash can bring. This footwear creatively combines hues of pink and gray that perfectly fits any girl's personality.

But other than its physical appearance, this shoe also promotes a healthy and vegan lifestyle. How? Well, its upper is made from all-cotton materials and also features an organic toe cup. And since it has organic cotton laces, your child's feet will perfectly fit into it. But that's not all. This eco friendly kids footwear also features a recycled car tire and rubberized outsole for extra traction. So it is comfortable on the feet and perfect for long walks.

If your kids wants to go for something that's even more flexible and easy to walk around in, then Rider Rs2 Kids in Violet should be worth a look. This sandal has an adjustable rubberized strap that provides even more space and comfort to your child's feet. Its soft insole and flexible heel cap also makes it ideal for long walks or sight seeing. Using it during the rainy season shouldn't be a problem because it features waterproof material which also is very easy to clean. That is to say, this is definitely a good option for eco friendly girl's shoes.

These adorable girl's shoes will have your pretty princess green from head to toe. Whether you choose shoes made from recycled or organic products you'll be happy knowing your little girl's shoes are kinder and gentler to the earth.

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I got these for my kids. They just love them! We are a shoes-off-when-you-are-inside kind of a family, so these slippers are terrific. I got this Monster pair and another pair like it that had a sports theme... and my boys think the designs are cool so they actually wear them! Timely shipping and good communication when I bought them. Good experience.