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All Natural Baby Oil


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Natural Baby Oil

Do away with pore-blocking ingredients found in many commercial baby oils and go natural with this selection of natural baby oil products. After Bath Soft Massage Organic Baby Oil is complete with nature's blend of ingredients to keep your baby's skin luxurious and soft. It has a blend of coconut oil and sunflower oil which are both high in fatty acids that moisturize, condition and regenerate the skin. The all natural blend of ingredients make it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

The Newborn Baby Skin Care kit contains all your baby needs to keep his skin soft and smooth all day. It is filled with essentials that help protect, nourish, cleanse and calm your newborn's sensitive skin. Don't expose your baby's delicate skin to harsh chemicals, use these baby oils made from organic and pure ingredients found in this baby skin care kit.

Organic bath and body care is specially formulated to make your kid's bath time extra special. It uses over 70% of natural ingredients and is gentle enough even for newborns to use. This all natural baby oil is also ideal for the whole family. The formulas are pH balanced and pediatrician tested. They are not tested on animals, are nut-, soy- and wheat-free as well.

Give your baby a special all natural massage to help digestion and regulate their body temperature. A massage will also help relax and soothe them to sleep. Use baby oil that is made with all natural ingredients to ensure safety to children and babies. A special massage from mommy can be done with Angel Baby Oil made from grape seed oil.

It contains no nut oils and is guaranteed to be vegan and is also toxin-free. Organic chamomile and calendula are infused into the formula which induces calming and moisturizing properties.

Baby oil is often made with petroleum based oils that can plug the pores and keep the body from releasing toxins through the skin. These natural and organic baby oils are not made with those kinds of oils or other toxins you're trying to keep of your baby's skin.

Comments for All Natural Baby Oil

This product is nice, I like the fact that it's all natural. However, this did not help my baby with her rash. She had a mixture of dry skin and baby acne and this product aggrevated her baby acne even more. It seems to work on dry skin though.

I have twin daughters and one has serious health issues. My aunt sent us a bottle of this product because she herself is chemically sensitive and really loves it. We are very, very glad to have a product like this - so pure and gentle for the babies.

Great Oil! fast absorbing, SOOOO soft. Makes baby's heiny soft as well as Mommy's hands! Love all the baby products--ALL NATURAL! You can't find any better products for your baby.

I really love this product. It leaves the skin feeling soft and wonderful. I not only use it on my youngest, but also myself to help with dry skin. Dries-no greasy feeling!

Love this product. Definately would recommend to those with dry skin, ithcy, under moisturized. Recommended to those of you especially living in the colder climates to revitalize your dry, scaly skin. I am an everday moisturizer and nothing was working to keep the moisture in my skin... I tried baby oil, olive oil, daily moisturizing lotions, creme's, body souffles/moose's, etc. Nothing would work. Until I found Softress Softbaby. Although with a newborn on the way any day now I had ordered it for him, I gave it a try now, while I can still enjoy bathtime ALONE and fell in love with it. Go get some for yourself!!! My husband said my skin hadn't felt this soft and sexy since living in Florida 2 years ago, where the salt water and warm climate is very nice to my skin.

This product works wonders for baby Eczema! It controls the itching, softens the skin, aids in healing, and improves the skin’s texture. The product itself has no perfume-like smell, glides on effortlessly, and stays put for awhile…even on an active infant’s skin! I am very happy with this product and would highly recommend it to others looking for a more natural alternative to treat Eczema.

After my 9 month old niece was diagnosed with severe facial eczema, I was desperate to find a safe solution. The prescribed steroid creams would help during times of inflammation, yet as soon as they were stopped the irritation would come back. As a medical professional and fellow sufferer of eczema, I was aware of the benefits of essential fatty acids in lotions being of great help. Since infants are prone to putting their hands in their mouths constantly, I was nervous re: all of the chemicals in traditional creams in case of ingestion. One night, I searched Google for “all-natural essential fatty acid creams” and I was blessed to have come across Soft Baby. My niece has been using it for 2 weeks now with no relapse in the rash. It goes on smoothly and is odorless. Her complexion looks like that of a true miracle. Also, she no longer rubs her face on any and everything to get relief from the terrible itching. I am extremely pleased with this product and will continue to purchase it.

Softress SoftBaby is very gentle on the skin. It leaves out all of the ingredients that can irritate the skin. I really like the way Softress stays on the skin after it is applied, and it really doesn't have a sent. It goes on smooth, and stays on. My children have very sensitive skin, and softress did not cause any irritation. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has sensitive skin, or suffers from Eczema. This is one of the only products that my children are able to use.

I absolutely love this baby oil. I have 3 babies (triplet girls), and I am extremely budget conscious. This is one of the few slightly expensive products I have purchased for my babies, and I will continue to do so probably until they are approaching college age! I can slather my babies in it and not worry when they rub their own hands on their little tummies, and then stick their fingers in their mouths. And when I rub it on them, I get the added benefit of rubbing the excess on me. It is a lovely product-I first read about it on UrbanBaby, thought I would try it, and have loved it. The other bottles of stuff sitting on my changing table are not used so much any more, and it is already time for a new bottle of SoftBaby. Kudos to the Mom who invented this. It does make my babies soft!